The Puriflue is a catalytic converter system specially designed for retro-fitting to older woodstoves, so that their emissions can be brought in line with more modern stoves. An additional benefit is that, as it turns pollution into heat, it improves the efficiency of the stove too. It contains a metal substrate which can be rotated so that it is by-passed whilst the flue gas is cold, and then moved into the operating position once the fire is burning steadily. This helps to get the fire drawing properly and also avoids getting the catalytic surface covered in soot whilst it is too cold to burn it off.

Whitebeam developed the Puriflue and supplies the metal substrates to flue manufacturers, which incorporate it into flue sections before selling it through their own distribution channels. This business model allows it to be tailored for particular markets and regulatory systems.
Further information is available at www.puriflue.net