Overview of Reticulated Foam

Reticulated ceramic foam is a relatively new alternative for making the substrates which are at the core of catalytic converters. Reticulated ceramic foam substrates have an irregular appearance like a sponge, which means that they act as a filter as well as a catalytic converter.

Reticulated Foam substrates

In their role as a filter they trap solids and liquids, whilst the catalytic coating oxidises organic gases. The convoluted path which the gas is forced to take to get through the foam also causes turbulence which increases the efficiency of the catalytic converter. They may also help to arrest and extinguish glowing embers or sparks. The downside is that they cause a greater pressure drop than a conventional honeycomb substrate, although this can be compensated for by experimenting with different diameters, lengths and pore densities.

Reticulated ceramic foam substrates may be used in wood stoves and wood-fired cooking appliances such as pizza ovens, especially if the flue is fan-assisted.

In addition to Reticulated Foam, we currently offer three other substrate options for use in a variety of catalytic converters, depending on your requirements. These substrates are:


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