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Our product range

If you are concerned about minimizing emissions from cooking appliances or biomass combustion, we can supply a catalytic converter to meet your needs.

These are used as part of SCR and SNCR systems to reduce oxides of nitrogen. We supply them mainly for the energy sector, in particular for CHP and waste to energy plants.

Ceramic substrate reduction catalysts

Another option to reduce oxides of nitrogen as part of SCR and SNCR systems, these are more compact than the ceramic version which is an important characteristic in many applications.

Metal substrate reduction catalysts

These are used to oxidise fumes such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, which are emitted in a variety of processes including cooking and biomass combustion. Their low cost makes them suitable for domestic woodstoves but they are also robust enough to reduce pollution from some very large applications in the energy sector and other industries.

Ceramic substrate oxidation catalysts

As with the ceramic option above, these are used to oxidise fumes such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Although slightly more expensive, they are more compact and therefore ideal for installation in commercial ovens, where space is at a premium.

Metal substrate oxidation catalysts