We offer a range of products which are designed specifically for a variety of different applications. Whether you are interested in reducing emissions from electric cooking, solid fuel cooking, domestic biomass or large-scale biomass, we have a product to suit your needs.

We can supply a range of catalytic converters for oxidation and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), as well as SCR Dosing systems. Here is a summary of each:

Ceramic Honeycomb

Ceramic honeycomb substrates are normally made from a special type of ceramic material known as ‘cordierite’. Liquid cordierite is extruded through a mould and then fired so that it dries out and becomes hard. By using different moulds, various size substrates can be extruded and the size of the channels (or cells) can also be varied. Because tooling is required, ceramic honeycombs are best suited to medium or large volume requirements unless a standard size can be used. Ceramic honeycombs are generally the most economical option for consumer appliances such as biomass stoves and pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens.

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Catalytic Converters
Metal Honeycomb substrates

Metal Honeycomb

Metal honeycomb substrates are made from extremely thin metal foil, typically with a thickness of just 0.05mm. By comparison the walls of a ceramic substrate may be four times thicker. For this reason, metal substrates offer less resistance to gas flow and therefore can accommodate a given flow rate with a lower pressure drop than an equivalent ceramic substrate.

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