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Retrofit catalytic converters for woodstoves

Product details

We have developed a range of catalytic converters suitable for retrofitting to existing woodstoves, to reduce their emissions.

These products are simple to install in the flue pipe directly after the woodstove, and typically reduce particulate matter emissions, which have serious health implications, by about 25-30%. In addition they reduce carbon monoxide by more than 80%, and also the smell of woodburning which can be annoying to neighbours. Another benefit of these products is that they reduce creosote build-up in the chimney.

An important feature of this product range is that the catalytic element can be rotated. The benefit of this is that it can be moved to the open position when lighting the stove, which improves the draught, and then rotated to the closed position when the chimney is drawing well.
The catalytic element can also be removed easily for cleaning, which typically needs to be done at monthly intervals to prevent ash build up.

We can supply this product in a range of different lengths and diameters, and we can customise it so that it can be certified in various markets. When we market this product directly we brand it as ‘Cleanburn’ but we can also produce it with the customer’s own trademark if required.

Whitebeam is happy to further develop this product in conjunction with established flue pipe manufacturers or distributors
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