Quantifying emissions from wood fired and charcoal ovens

Probably the most important factor to test on a solid-fuel cooking appliance is the emissions of carbon monoxide from the burning of the fuel. This can be done on site using a flue-gas analyser, however it is necessary to use one which can work with high concentrations. We use a Testo 330 2LL, which has a range up to 30000 ppm (3%) which is adequate most of the time.

Solid Fuel Testing

Measuring the emissions from the cooking processes is more complicated and is best done using a flame-ionisation detector (FID). When using the FID it is also necessary to quantify the mass flow rate of the gases in the flue, therefore it is best to do this sort of testing in a facility which was designed for the purpose. Whitebeam has such a facility and can offer a testing service to its customers.

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