Catalytic converters for biomass energy schemes

When dealing with fumes from large-scale biomass combustion the performance criteria are often demanding, and each application may have to be treated as a separate project. Pressure drop is usually an important design criteria and therefore we have the expertise and experience to accurately predict this. 

The annual usage is likely to be intensive and therefore systems are normally designed so that they can be serviced and overhauled at regular intervals. Particular attention needs to be paid to the presence of contaminants such as sulphur in the flue gas, which may require special catalytic coatings to avoid premature failure. 

Ceramic substrate oxidation catalysts
Metal substrate oxidation catalysts
Ceramic substrate reduction catalysts
Metal substrate reduction catalysts
Large Scale Biomass

We can design and supply catalytic converters based on either ceramic or metal substrates. In the case of ceramic substrates, for large applications there are usually multiple substrates in a grid and we will design the housing so that they can easily be replaced when necessary. We are also happy to supply replacement ceramic elements to fit in existing housings. 

We also design housings for metal substrates which facilitate their removal for cleaning. 

Whitebeam is happy to work with OEMs, end users, consultants or flue specialists to deliver effective catalytic converters  in this sector. 

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