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Products for Solid Fuel Cooking

ceramic honeycomb substratesThe choice of catalytic converter for solid fuel cooking applications is driven by two factors: the concentration of carbon monoxide and the flue gas temperature.

Charcoal ovens tend to emit very high levels of carbon monoxide, and therefore a catalytic converter with a large surface area is required. Since this normally needs to fit inside the flue, compactness is also important, which means that catalytic converters based on metal honeycombs are usually the best choice.

Wood-fired pizza ovens tend to produce much lower concentrations of carbon monoxide and also have lower flue-gas temperatures. The priority in these cases is normally to find a catalytic converter which can store heat effectively so that it can keep functioning temporarily if the flue gas temperature drops too low. This means that catalytic converters based on ceramic honeycombs are most suitable.

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